“Ahhhh! Smell that sweet aroma! Howda! Name’s Buck, your tour guide today! That’s the sweet smell of freedom. Welcome to BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA, land of BEGANISM, home of BEGAN BEDGIE BOORGAHS; we’ez hedden fer BETTY’S BEDGIE BARRN now; where all creatures roam free. No such thin’ as fear, harm, pain, suffrin’, or sadness goin’ on in this place. Betty’s farm is a refuge for all creatures. If you’da ever dreamed about gittin’ yore own farm, you’ll learn jest how to run it now. It’s the only kinda farm to dream about and the only kinda farm to own. Nellie, the Freedom Cow, wants to tell ya’ll somethin’.”

“Hi, all you wonful people. Thanks so much for comin’ to visit. We love VEGAN vistors and those who wanna be VEGAN. Have a great ride; just love havin’ ya! Keep ’em mooovin’, Buck…. Theyz in for a treat! “
Moooo, Mooooo, Mooooo! We’re all ready to share messages with you, you, you,… these will blow you you you away! Don’tcha worry though; we know how to keep ya grounded. Let churself roll with all your thoughts and feelins; know that it’s okay to live your heart’s path. Been waitin’ for this to happen? It’s aok for your compassion to be contagious. Come dream with us and Betty. It’s your dream too! First stop: VEGAN CHOW HALL! Only plant based food served and eaten here; the healthy choice; keeps all the animals safe and alive. Grab yore tater salad, slaw, plant BBQ, heapin’ bowl o’cobbler, off you go!
Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 10.55.41 PM

 Are those wet things tears? Proves you’re a VEGAN! Sensitivity is the heart of a true VEGAN! I’m Magnolia; I know VEGANS don’t eat animals. They constantly save every living being from harm and pain. We know you will protect and save us. Vegans have such passion in their hearts. VEGANS thrive on food grown from Mother Earth. VEGANS end exploitation and monetary gain from using animals in businesses. VEGANS know  humans don’t need animal flesh. People want substance and need nutrition. Animal bodies do not provide nutrition. Our flesh is filling. VEGANS are about peace, friendship, love, relationship. 


VEGETARIANS, are thank goodness, growing by the millions and soon billions! More and more people are choosing a plant based diet. We are becoming more educated and compassionate by the minute. Some VEGETARIANS may still be consuming dairy, eggs, and using by – products from animals. We have every confidence that they will drop all that and become VEGAN. Maybe at first, it sounds like it is difficult, but millions and millions have done it. Taking the first step is the biggie. The rest is easy as veggie pot pie. It is the natural humane thing to doo! Our babies will get to live and keep their milk. Humans get sick from animal milk; it doesn’t belong in a human body, it belongs in our babies’ bodies; make sense? BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA is all about FREEDOM, SAFETY, AND GOOD SENSE! Human food stores are loaded with delicious dairy substitutes. I am Minnie and sending you love and encouragement to take the plunge…cause we know, YOU CAN DO IT! DON’T WAIT; GET STRAIGHT; IT’S NOT TOO LATE!


YOU’RE VEGAN? YOU MADE IT! WE KNEW YOU COULD! WOW…NO MORE FORCING OUR MOOMIES TO REPRODUCE BABIES AND KEEPIN’ ‘EM PREGNANT for milk and flesh! COULD YOU BE A LIVING REPRODUCTIVE MACHINE? IS THAT THE WAY YOU’D WANNA LIVE? IT WAS KILLIN’ ‘EM AND US…WHISKED AWAY FROM OUR MOOMIES THE MOMENT WE ARE BORN AND TURNED INTO FOOD…NOW WHO COULD DO SUCH A THING? DOESN’T HAPPEN HERE AT BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA. NO NIGHTMARES HERE!  Whoopee and happy days! You gave up eating animal flesh, eggs, fish, NO MORE DAIRY! We get to keep our hides and every other part of us! Woo Hoo! You are a full-fledged BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA VEGAN. You know what it means to live a life of compassion, caring, doing the right thing; t’aint nothin’ better! You have saved my life and returned my Moomy’s milk to me…it always belonged to me; not any other creature, just me. My Moomy is my Moomy and her milk is my milk. JUST ASK THE CREATOR! My name is Bitsy and I love you!


 Do you still have nightmares from the era when you used to market with your mom as a child? She would reach for icy cold clear plastic wrapped packages containing whole or ground up body parts that were once moving around and making sounds. No more moving and no more sound; does that put them in the category of canned beans, chips, paper plates?  What kinda habits and addictions did people experience before they became VEGAN? All that trauma and pain was sittin’ on the plates of the people eatin’ dead body pieces. Then it went inside the person when teeth came in contact with it. That crunchin’ was filled with lives that only knew cages, pain, and sadness. All that sadness and trauma got gulped down into human bodies and emotions. BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA is the haven from all of that nightmare.  You can be part of this dream; just do your part! You will know peace of MIND and peace of HEART! We love and care about ya, Alfie


You know, we owls see in the dark…everything. We can tell the difference between what is true and what is false, real from fake. We have known for a very long time that humans’ real  true diet is VEGAN. It’s the only wise way to be. Take it from me, your buddy Bernie Barn Owl, and know that doin’ and bein’ anything else is false, fake, and harmful to you and other bein’s. Stop now, turn around, see where you’ve been and then turn back around and move in the direction to become VEGAN. Then you’ll be WHOO BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA dreams about too!


Can you believe what they used to do to our mommies? They couldn’t move not even an inch, tightly caged, housed and penned to one another. When we piglets arrived, our mommies were made stationery with steel bars forcing their bodies to be glued still on cold slabs of concrete to nurse the newborns. You would never do such a thing to any of us, never! Not to raise us to become your chops, ribs, and greasy toxic slabs of bacon; not for pigskin footballs, not for anything! BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA has all us oinkers runnin’ free to be and we do so happily. No more pain and suffering for us. THANK YOU VEGAN WORLD. SNORT SNORT SNORT KNOCH KNOCH KNOCH… this is Penelope talkin’ to ya from THE FAMILY FREED!


What came first, the chicken or the egg? I, Myrtice, am here to deliver the truth. There is no creation without its CREATOR. VEGANS don’t eat eggs, ’cause these perfect precious eggs are the freedom chickens of the future. No ten thousand cooped up chickens in a farmhouse here; Dont’cha just wanna run free and wild all over the place…no beak and claw removal here; no cramped up life here, and no egg thieves here. THAT’S THE WAY THE CREATOR MADE IT!…PEEP, PEEP! WHO’S THE BOSS?


Anybody ever ropetie your ankle; swing the rope over a large tree branch, let you dangle in mid-air for a while; let all your body’s blood flow to your brain; leave you there ….That was the world that was. That was the world of grilled steaks, rib roasts, briskets, pot roasts, ground beef, burgers, pickled beef tongues, cow livers and lungs, and who knows what else was salvaged from their bodies all in the name of “FOOD?” Ya ever been cut into without anesthesia? Add that to their lives and thank THE CREATOR for their death, so the pain and suffering would end. Wanna live like that? Wanna eat like that?  Do you need any other visuals to relate to the word PAIN? Think you got it? If not, go visit a cow farm that raises its cows for food. When you see those tags in their ears, you will begin to share their pain. The ID number helps to maintain all kinds of information and records regarding that animal; most especially the date of their birth, which is indicative of the date they are scheduled to go to slaughter! Then you’ll get it! Make a quick trip to the slaughter house! Try to bite into a hunk of cow now! Thanks for lettin’ me share; friend of some ole buds no longer around; just lookin’ back and rememberin’ them. Maybe they are still sittin’ in people’s guts…takes a long time to moooov’em out of a human’s body. What’d’ya think is makin’ you sick? Ain’t organic carrots, that’s fer sure. Love, Erstwhile


Pock, Pock, Pock; say you wish you had a crystal ball? All animals are crystal balls…we may not see the future, but we feel and hear it. Every time the rain is about to fall, or any earthly happenin’ is about to take place, we can hear and feel it comin’! We are super sensitive and know when friend or foe is nearby.  We certainly know when VEGANS are around and that there is no harm or danger present. I’m Shirley, and “shurly” want to pock, pock, thank you for comin’ to share BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA experience with us. It’s a dream havin’ you here. We knew you’d be comin’…we felt it all along. Pock, Pock!


Don’t you humans know there is enough land on this planet to feed every creature comin’ and goin’ and then a bunch more? So why is anybody or any creature starvin’? Why you blamin’ animals for takin’ up land that we don’t even choose to live on? We’re forced to reproduce which takes up more space so people can have flesh and other stuff from our bodies. Just another thing we ain’t happy about; so what’cha gonna do about it? Why you lettin’ your people starve when you got plenty of land, seed, food, water, air, and space for everybody’s needs? Think on this about two minutes, then roll up yer sleeves and get to work. Plant for today, tomorrow, and the next day. GOODBYE HUNGER …HELLO PLENTY…WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD…THE EARTH WORLD OF PLENTY!!! Love to you from the WHOLE GRAZIN’ GANG AT BETTY’S BIGGGGGERRRR THAN BIGGGG DREAM BO-NANZA!   


Were you around in the “good ole days?” Our breasts, wings, thighs, and other body parts could be bought for .99 a pound. Do you have any idea how ludicrous that is? WE ARE PRICELESS!!! COULD HUMANS PUT A PRICE ON EACH OTHER? What makes you think you should be able to buy and eat us? That is BERZERKO! You eat stuff that is not fit for human consumption. Then you buy health and life insurance policies…which are really, sickness and death insurance policies. WAITTTTT A MINUTE HERE! WHO NEEDS TO BE SAVED FIRST?  I’m Charlie (Charlotte), and at BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA we certainly are not cheap, cheap, cheap, but we are free, free, free. We are all living beings. We know to love and value each other. Buying whole roasted or dissected chicken parts just doesn’t fly or cluck around here. We don’t ever worry that we’re gonna be whacked for food. We aren’t food, we are live, free, healthy, happy free roamin’ chickens. Thanks Betty, and all your BETTY’S BUDDY VEGANS. 


You, people, gave us the name chicken and then interpreted it to mean “scared!” You had that right, but no more! BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA says no more fryin’, bakin’, roastin’, grillin’, bbqin’ us ever again! We are FLAPPIN’ FREE; no more dinner plates will we see! Every one of us knows we are safe from any harm. There are no pens, cages, fryin’ pans, broilers, and deep fat fryers here. We eat organic corn, and so do the humans. Nobody has stomach aches, heartburn, or shhh, that scary word constipation. Shhh. We’re changin’ our name to Bravehearts; how’s that for a new start? Don’t need the Chick Shrink anymore. Hey, my cluck is back, my feathers stopped fallin’ out! How’z that for an appetizer? Freddie Free Braveheart says,”thanks Betty and all your VEGAN friends.”


We’re all scratching our heads, confused. They call cows “beef,” pigs “pork,” and calves, “veal.” Fish and chicken weren’t given a special name. People say that frogs and other animals taste like chicken. Do they call them chicken? Do frogs cluck and chickens ribbit? Why do you think people did this? ‘Fraid somebody will know what they’re really eatin’? Bout time, wouldn’t ya say? People are used to eatin’ dead animals. We’re not food. If you ate your hand, arm, leg, or foot, you would feel very full. Full isn’t food; it’s just full. Take it from me, Once Baffled Cackle. We’re not meals at a deal. Eating animals isn’t food that’s real.  We don’t scratch our heads at BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA. We aren’t ever “food” here no matter what name you gave to us. We’re not food in a freezer package…we are free; just not found in a free-zer. 


Gotchore spatula, cause we are flippin’ this story ’round…ya ready? Not quite; well get with it and get ready! There t’aint no more bbqin’ chopped piggies anymore. The grill is still hangin’ in, but it smokes skewers of veggies, corn on the cob, and big ole fat organic red skin taters! We got sauces oozin’ all over to dip and spread. That’s what makes a happy, healthy, and pain free head. The pull was and is always in the sauce. So we can load this sauce on anythin’, cause it’s the sauce that really calls our name. Getchore flip phone and ring up yore favorite sauces! Leave the piggies rompin’ and stompin’ free on the farm. Flip your plates and fill ’em with healthy delicious veggies. You will put an end to any harm. Now that is SOME OF THE BEST NEWS EVER TO COME CALLIN’ ACROSS BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA! Don’tcha hear that snortin’ and oinkin’ now? Hey, that’s my snort and that’s my oink. Just call us anytime, Snortly and Oinkly. We are ready to pull up our chairs next to yours and slurp down some o’ that veggie bbq…If that’s not CARING FOR ALL BEIN’S, what is?


(Just down the road a piece)

Old MacDonald closed his farm, ee i ee i o. There’s no more farm and no more harm. ee i ee i o.  With a VEGAN VEGAN here and a VEGAN VEGAN there; here a VEGAN there a VEGAN everywhere a VEGAN VEGAN.  Ole MacDonald closed his farm ee iiiiii ee iiiiii ooooooooooooooo!!!!! So long Ole Mac! Bydeeyidee, Pinky and Chester!



What’s that thing on that ceramic plate? Let me, Thomas, set them straight! Is that painted flowers? Nah. Is it raised fruit?  No way; it’s a CARVED UP GOBBLER! Who ruined THIS DAY? We’re supposed to be thankin’ THE CREATOR for food, life, freedom, happiness….somebody just took the joy out of this holiday; not a holiday; it’s a horrorday! Bah Humbug! Thanks is for keepin’ us alive and the plant grown food that makes us vigorous. Dead animals on fancy ceramic plates means all we can think to do is cuss!  So people, carve this into your brains for keeps: Free roamin’ turkeys belong outside and harvested fruits and vegetables belong inside. Who missed kindergarten and doesn’t know their insides from their outsides? Send ’em to BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA! We can teach ’em inside from outside and by gobbly, they won’t forget it!


Hear the clock? The tick gets louder and louder. Every tick could mean a life saved. Keep buying VEGAN foods. Involve family and friends. Before we all know it, 7.5 billion people will choose VEGAN as their way of life. All people and all animals will be safe and free. What can you do to save us? Every creature is an individual, A ONE OF A KIND. Got roller skates; put ’em on, it’s time to start movin’ into VEGAN territory faster. TIME to keep saving lives faster, faster, faster! Your Gobblin” Buds, Hobblin’ and Wobblin’


We’re the ghosts from Holidays Past. I’m the Turkey Goblin’ Drumstick; I’m the Honkin’ Goose Liver, I’m the Prime Cow Sizzlin’ Rib Roast, I’m the Duck Pate’. We came to deliver a message. We took a vote and all holidays in the future will be VEGAN CELEBRATIONS! We will be the ones celebratin’ that you have become VEGANS…HOT VEGGIE DOG! Love, Gobble, Honker, Mooby, and Quackie THANKS BETTY!


Havin’ pain with your conscience lately? We can fix that. BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA ends guilt, pain, suffering, fear, grief, and sadness. Wanna get rid of yours? VEGAN is the answer. Be a dear, hop over to Betty’s, learn from us to change that nightmare into a dream.  BETTY DID IT AND SO CAN YOU! Love to you, from us, Sparkle and Shimmie


Who doesn’t want to feel and be special in this world? Who doesn’t want to make a difference in some way? Becoming VEGAN and HeHawin’ your way through life knowin’ that you make the perfect healthy, happy, wholesome, and compassionate difference, is all  any human needs to make. We, Frankie and Ferdie, at BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA are here to help you become that difference. VEGAN la Difference!


Everything on the planet is created for all beings and is meant to be shared generously. Squirrels teach us to store for the winter. They also leave plenty behind for other creatures. It’s only right that we look out for one another’s needs and share the great abundance. At BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA all the animals are cared for and have all they need: food, shelter, pure water, attention, kindness, caring, companionship, and so much more. Thanks for coming to visit! Nuts and seeds abounding, Wally


We got plenty of smarts in wanting to penetrate your hearts. Instinct’s its name; and it’s our claim to fame. Our loss, fear, and pain is greater than yours. We cannot hide ours behind closed doors. Would you set traps and hunt down your kind? It would never occur to you, nor go through your mind! You hunt us and kill us, and that is the truth.  No regard for our pain, fear, loss, and consuming our youth. Would you eat your babies; how absurd is that thought; yet people cook ours and leave us distraught. We are messengers to humans so please get a clue. We wouldn’t do anything to bring harm to you. We are happy to love and protect you; that is our aim. Please stop making us your food, your sport, and your game. We are innocent; as innocent can be. BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA has set us free. We will show you all of the how’s and the why’s; sincerely stated by your good friend, Sly 


Hey, did anyone ever let on that we were here first and then humans showed up? Huh? Was that taught in elementary? We were ‘free to be’ before man decided to use us like inanimate objects found in nature. Now, we ask you, is that any way to treat your fellow intelligent creatures who taught you everything from A to Z: aviation and zoology? What kind of buds are you? You thought it was okay to kill and eat us; wear us, stuff us, etc. etc. Einstein here, says that it is time to split the atom a second time and blow up the old way of thinkin’ and behavin’. You know, we share the same Boss. That Boss ain’t too happy about what is goin’ on down here and avoids making any presence known. So peeplees…time to shape up or ship out. The Boss wants to find happy space here. So, leave our feathers free to flow and our bodies to grow. Then BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA will be the place every creature will want to know. 


Not if you’re the one pulling the carriage. Thank goodness, there is no stress and strain at BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA! Big strong machines do all the work. Our bodies are able to live long, safe, healthy lives that aren’t beat up and worn out from use and overuse. Who needs that? THANKS BETTY FOR UNDERSTANDING; THANKS FOR FREEING US; THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO CAME TO VISIT TODAY. Love, Hank


The times you hung out with your buds at restaurants laughin’ and havin’ some of the most fun memories ever? Stuff was going down your throat in between some of the best conversations you ever had. Food and socializin’ commonly go hand and hand. Most of the time we’re not even conscious of what we are devourin’ because we are so involved in our socializin’. We become so disconnected from what we’re eatin’. Eatin’ becomes just a matter of habit and has nothin’ to do with nutrition. Bet ya never felt the first moment of shame, addiction, or guilt upon gobblin’ up whatever was ordered and showed up on a plate. Eureka! This is the addiction that has kept all the meat eaters meat eaters. Today, BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA has the opportunity to change all of that for you and your buds. NO MORE GUILT, NO MORE SHAME, NO MORE ADDICTION. VEGAN LIFE HERE WE COME! THE MEMORY IS GONE AND THE DREAM IS ALIVE! LONG LIVE THE DREAM! LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS! LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE CHOSEN THE HEALTHY, HAPPY, HARM FREE PATH. Maaa, Maaa, Manny


 Did’ya feel that? What? That? Did’ya feel that? No? Well then, did’ya feel that? What? Wake Up! Are you numb or something? Didn’t your heart feel pity, remorse, grief, sadness, and devastation over the death of a half trillion animals last year shoved into ovens, barbecue pits, and rotisseries? Did’yu not feel anything? You had to feel something; after all you are human and humans gotta be humane, right? We love you in spite of you. Just work on gettin’ unnumb; the next half trillion would like to know that somebody is mourning their loss; better yet; just become VEGAN and there won’t be another single loss! We love you, BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA’S Mickey, Morris, Marvin, Maynard, Milford, and Mansfield


Just how important is it to be an aware person in this world? Gotta think, feel, and act all for the good of all, or otherwise, why bother bein’ in this place? Are we supposed to make everything about you? What about us? Do you care about us? VEGANS care about us…if you ain’t one, become one! We need you on this side of the fence; the other side reeks from death and sorrow…so don’t even wait ’til the morrow! Make up your mind; do it now, now, now; no more cow, cow, cow on your table, table table; just be able, able, able, to look us and all children in the eyes! Welcome to BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA…home to humanity, living, free, happy animals, and VEE-GAANN, Futura


Close your eyes… cause you ain’t gonna believe this!!! So just imagine with your eyes closed, land piled full with animals caged, penned, poked, prodded, pushed, shoved, slung, barred, fenced, roped, tagged, crammed, just waitin’ to land on your dinner table… blllalhhhhallahllabblahhaa; Baaaachchchcch! Whoosh! Can you stand it? Can you deal with imagining that? Would you want to see anything like that in person? We won’t even show you anything like that…it is triple hell on earth; yacchchchchh! You just got a glimpse of FACTORY FARMING. Whooosh; go away go away go away and disappear for all future days! Yahakdahched  BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA IS HERE TO STAY! THANK YOU BETTY!!! Love to you, Candy, Sandy, Mandy, and all the rest of us happy cluckin’ chickens!


Baby animals at BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA are always safe and kept close to their mommies. They are never taken away to be turned into some human’s “food.” It is absolutely impossible to even imagine such a thing!!! Who could possibly and consciously eat a baby animal??? That is beyond humane comprehension!!! Betty, thanks to you for taking care of us. Love, Evermore and Babykins


WHOO knows from one day to the next when the world is going to become a gazillion percent VEGAN? We just know thanks to BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA the planet is well on its way to achieving this status. Nothing else makes any sense. When everyone gets their heads on straight, the world will be a straight and make sense place to live. Then every creature will be safe and have full and happy lives; free to be; and live joyfully. PARADISE, HERE WE COME! Thanks Betty, love, Hooty


Ya think? Ya really love animals; enough to eat and wear us? That’s a human’s idea of love? News to us! Some humans just don’t get it. Like, man, they think it is okay to hug their dog and eat a cow. Now how did dogs get released from the food chain and we got stuck at the top of the list? BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA loves and cares for all animals the same. None are more or less favorite or important. We are all seen as living beings. Maybe people could look more closely at the word LOVE. Maybe all humans could figure out a way to love all beings. Maybe it’s time!  Ya think? LOVE, Heartsfield


Got any better dream at the moment than for all pain, suffering, and harm to completely vanish from this planet? Doubtful! Can you think of any better way to feel all day, every day than with a full sense of love, caring, kindness, and heart filled relationships? Doubtful! Is there any place better to learn and experience such greatness other than BETTY’S DREAM BO-NANZA? “Ney,” says Nessie! You just heard it straight from the horse’s mouth!


Very Special Thanks to Betty’s Dream Bo-nanza’s Special Friend, LAYA SHAIKUN. The voices of the diverse characters came to life because of her Special Gift and Talent in the Art of Storytelling. She’s Beloved in the World of ANIMALS and VEGANS.


Please share the impact of these messages with our President, Senators, Congressmen, organizations that support the welfare of people and animals; and everyone you know who own loving hearts and souls. We are making a most significant and powerful difference in the world…that is what we are here to do.


Science reports from the dairy and meat industries and research organizations, advise that the majority of meat taken to mass market is treated with antibiotics, hormones, vaccines, and in many instances the animals are fed unnatural diets. Data states over time, this can affect both animal and human DNA. These treatments can cause health issues to both the animals being treated and humans consuming these animal products. You may wish to study labels and packages  before making purchases, if you consume meat and dairy. Advertisers often use the word “NATURAL,” which may also be misleading.