Animals suffer with tremendous pain and misery! They welcome death; the only way out of their hell!

Boy, was I wrong! I thought eating whatever my parents put in front of me was the right thing to do! I woke up! NO way am I into eating dead carved animals! Uh Uh! Don’t even have to chase turkeys to kill ’em, because they are jam packed into pens together and get strung up on clothes lines while they get their necks slit. I cannot stand to think about it; much less eat sliced turkey or bite into a drumstick. Done with this! I am tellin’ my parents to JUST SAY NO to killin’ and eatin’ any kind of animal!

Okay kids of all ages! We gotta team up! We gotta stop grownups from killin’ and eatin’ animals! Turkeys are killed by the gazillions! They get their necks hacked off; feathers plucked, and thrown into ovens for any family dinner. I refuse to gobble another turkey drumstick and parents can get that drumsticked into their heads to JUST SAY NO to killing  turkeys and free all animals from the “food chain” gang!!!

I Love Animals!!! It hurts, saddens, and upsets me  when someone tries to get me to eat animals or drink the milk that was meant for their babies. People have no idea how animals suffer! People need to get educated to find out just how horrible  animals are treated!

Who wants cow ice cream? I know how terrible people are to cows! On top of being mean and cruel to cows, cows are being fed hormones and chemicals that  end up in their milk and bodies. Now that you know this, JUST SAY NO!!!

Something stinks! People are mean to animals! Drinkin’ cow milk stinks! Cow milk clogs breathing, hurts humans, and meant for calves. Humans are  crooks and criminals when they steal milk and calves from cows. Let’s save them!

Can’t you gimme barbeque sauce on somethin’ you didn’t kill? I love my barbeque sauce! I can eat it on french fries and veggie burgers? Have you ever tried one? They’re healthy and nobody killed it. Please love me and animals and stop killing and eating sweet animals. Maybe I won’t have anymore nightmares!

Did you ever see animals crying, screaming, and in pain? We kill them and put them on our pizzas and hot dog buns. How Awful!!! They never ever got to smile. They never see sunshine and play outside. They cry when knives cut them and make them bleed. Then they die and then we cut them up, cook them, and eat them.  Grownups, don’t do this anymore. JUST SAY NO!!!

Mom, Dad, NO way can I eat something that came from a sweet oinking animal? That is crazy! That pig was stuffed with food to make it fat fast and so it could be killed fast for what you call “food.”  They are not food. They are sweet animals. I don’t ever want another rib from an animal. Yuck; how terrible! I don’t want a pig’s body going into my body. NO THANK YOU! NO NO NO NO NO; A THOUSAND AND MILLION MORE TIMES NO; and you can JUST SAY NO, too!!!

Wanna wreck a pizza? Put dead pig bacon strips, ham slices, and pepperoni circles on it! How mean and cruel is that? I can’t eat that; I can’t even look at that. We can come up with something we love to eat that doesn’t hurt and kill piggies. JUST SAY NO to animals cooked on pizzas…you’ll be doin’ the right thing!!!


People cry when they hear lambs crying. You know why? They are being killed!  Somebody wants to eat them. That is the meanest thing ever!!! Baby lambs being killed and eaten as “food.” Mean, Mean, Mean! Little baby lambies; I can’t stop crying! JUST SAY NO to hurting, killing, and eating baby lamb chops!!!

 Mom, no way; I cannot eat that! Chicken legs…did you put crutches on that chicken? What happened to the rest of the chicken? Are you gonna make somebody eat those parts too? Nope; not doin’ it! You can punish me; fuss at me; and not buy me any toys, but I am not gonna eat chicken bodies. Nope NO Way! Ma, it’s okay for you to JUST SAY NO too!

Aw Chicken Nuggets…I’m sure not gonna eat those; don’t care how good they look and taste. I know that chickens got killed and cut up to make these things. Ma, people make veggie nuggets…please buy those…I cannot eat these. NO more dead animals on my plate please. You don’t have to eat them either. We can eat Veggie Nuggets together. JUST SAY NO to chopping chickens!

Help! I am gasping for air! That’s what fishies say when we pull them out of the water! How would you like to be gasping for air and then in your last breath, feel a knife cutting your throat? Can you believe a human being would do such a thing? (GULP) NO!!! JUST SAY NO to fishing, catching, killing, eating, and burping fish!

Mom, NO way am I eating shrimp or any shellfish from the ocean! Do you know what they eat? They eat FISH POOP! Ugh! Even if they’re yucky, they are still living things and have a right to live! JUST SAY NO to eating anything that eats poop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!