Why do we put stuff in our bodies that wrecks our well being? We intoxicate our bodies and zap our energy which prevents us from being great in the service of God and fellow humans? 


Think you crave sugar, caffeine, animal flesh, drugs? Cravings are signs of malnutrition! The body is craving organic whole food! We keep feeding it junk and empty calories! This consists of chemical toxicity from food contamination, over the counter drugs and prescriptions, isolates (separated substances from whole/complete compounds), artificial flavors and colors, all animal flesh, and all foreign substances that can destroy human bodies. Our current mass market food supply is loaded with foreign substances and additives! No wonder we have so many “food” addictions! These chemical toxins store in the blood, tissue, joints, and organs and require heavy duty detoxification to cleanse  these foreign waste substances. The complex factory, known as “the human body,” can only recognize and process organic whole uncontaminated food,” otherwise IT GETS CONFUSED AND SICK/TOX-IC/TOXIC!!!

Every time we feed our cravings dark green leafy or other mineral rich foods, the cravings begin to subside and eventually disappear. We are not in need of excessive protein, the best of which for a human is available in legumes (beans). Animal flesh is very hard on digestion, kidneys, and the spirit of the body. We are in constant need of minerals. Minerals support blood, hair, skin, nails, tissue; also bone, which is primarily a mineral composition. Check out VERY VEGAN’S POST, LIFE’S A FEAST! WHAT’S ON THE MENU?

Keep in mind, we do not have to be constantly restricted to lettuce and other leafy greens. We can still enjoy our organic fries, organic gluten free pizza, other organic bakery items, sweets, and snackies. Once we get the chemicals and toxins out, the body can deal much better with whatever is being taken in. So keep the animals alive and well! Let’s keep us alive and well! We can still have fun with clean foods that taste swell!