Birds of a feather flock together. These birds are constantly being hunted by brutal, cruel, and insensitive hard-nosed folk with rifles aiming to kill them! They must be stopped! These feathery buds are gonna save themselves! Wait till you see what they have under their wings! Who knew they could pull off such tactics to end bird hunting? They succeeded! You are getting ready to find out how! FOLLOW THEIR STORY!


Day one: The hunters are out in full force! This requires some heavy duty ammo from the bird military. They call out the troops with oversized wings! These giant birds are able to tuck coconuts under them without messing up their flight. As they move closer to their targets, BOMBS AWAY!!! The coconuts land smack center on the hunter’s skulls and hopefully will knock some sense into them!  STAY TUNED!


Day two: They didn’t gain any  sense. Thank The Creator the hunters caught nothing; and thank The Creator the birds are still flying free! Wait to you “see” what happens next! The birds gathered all the lemons the fleet could handle. They formed a flight pattern over the hunters. As they safely zoom close from all directions, they squeezed the lemon juice into the eyes of the hunters. Day two: hunters scored zero. TO BE CONTINUED!

BOMBS AWAY    Plot 4

Day three: Would you believe the birdies are still going strong? The cherry brigade is now ready to hold back the enemy. The birds drop countless cherries and pits in the barrel of the rifles of all the hunters. They shoot. The birds each have body and hand held shields! The cherries and pits ricochet back onto the hunters, hitting them all over their bodies.  DID THIS DO THE TRICK? 


Day 4: The birds better get rid of the hunters soon! The ammunition is about to run out. Bring on the eagles! Burlap bags filled with sopping wet mud are gonna be BOMBS AWAY, dropped on every hunter until they’re drowning in the stuff! Buried in the muck, rifles and all, the eagles hit their target! GETTING CLOSER BY THE MINUTE!


Day 5:  The hunters can’t believe they still  haven’t bagged a hit yet. Prickly cones are next on the list; being dropped from the sky faster than anyone can  dodge them. They are all over the place.  Definitely does not feel good to  human flesh! Oh well what goes around, comes around! ONE MORE DAY TO GO! THINK THEY CAN PULL IT OFF?


This is it folks! It’s now or never! They have to get them good or they’re doomed! With every one asleep, the birds arrange  lightweight drain pipes all over the ground and around the hunters. When the hunters awakened, they looked like giant birds! The pipes had blown multi colored fake feathers and wet tar everywhere and all over the hunters! The hunters looked like gargantuan birds that were going to grow wings and take flight! THE SCORE: BIRDS A THOUSAND, HUNTERS MINUS A MILLION! BATTLES’ OVER! BIRDS VICTORIOUS!